About Us

PÆTRIA_OSLO is a Norwegian brand/concept store, deeply inspired by the simplicity and versatility of Norwegian design and the heritage of high-quality craftsmanship from around the world.

Our Story

PÆTRIA_OSLO is not about fashion, but rather about women – both those who appreciate and wear it and those who design and make it.

The core of our small business is the understanding of the main principles of slow, yet contemporary fashion, namely that all good things that will last, initially take time and devotion to be made. That is the reason why we choose to be a combination of a concept store retailer of small hand-picked designers with the same philosophy as ours and our very own, small design range under the name PÆTRIA_design.

Due to our high quality, environmental, sustainability, and ethical standards, developing and creating our own pieces is an extremely slow and time-consuming process.

We recognize that in a jungle of fast, low-quality fashion, there were always small businesses out there who were patiently designing and producing slowly and mindfully for many years already and that is why we are proud to be able to present some of them on PAETRIA.com. These brands have been living our philosophy for a much longer time than us and the opportunity to learn from them in order to even further develop our future design, while at the same time spreading the word about these amazing creatives is what PÆTRIA_OSLO is all about.

We think that the world does not necessarily need yet another huge fashion brand, but rather to learn about all the small brands, designers, communities, and all the love they create together, while also fairly sharing all the benefits from their hard work and devotion. PÆTRIA is proud to have the opportunity to bring forward a timeless, yet contemporary and unique design, combined with ancestral textile traditions with premium fibers.

Our Initiatives


Creating new clothes is not sustainable nor environmentally friendly.  But we humans need clothes and therefore, it is our responsibility to only produce in a way that has the least possible negative impact on nature, animals, and human resources. From material sourcing to designing and hands-on creating, we need to slow down and act as if we were on the constant watch by the consumer during the entire process. Transparency is the key, as it will make sure that we are at any given time reminded of our obligation to act environmentally responsibly and eventually provide humans with only high-quality, durable pieces. Focusing on quality is our way of combating overconsumption, which we find to be the main reason for the extremely negative impact the fashion industry has on our environment. If your clothes look good over time, you are less likely to want to frequently exchange them for new ones.

PÆTRIA does not do huge seasonal collections or frequent drops of any kind. We do not follow trends, as the slow handmade approach we cherish would always be “too late” for any kind of trend. We simply create or retail very high-quality, handmade, seasonless, and timeless pieces that are intended to last a lifetime.

For our design pieces, we only use certified and ethically sourced and produced materials, as well as making sure that every single item is made by someone who is fairly treated and paid for their precious work for PÆTRIA. Every designer sold on PÆTRIA.com had to prove specified standards in regards to a sustainable production approach in form of fair treatment, and wages for the artisans, as well as high-quality standards of the materials that are used. Through these processes, we support fighting “greenwashing” and misleading marketing practices. We do not support or resale any fast fashion brands, nor pieces containing real leather, fur, or angora.

We are constantly researching for ways to be even more sustainable, combining the best of artisanal tradition with the latest in green technology.

This is our contribution to making fashion more kind and sustainable and we promise to constantly educate ourselves on this topic and act accordingly. 

Read more about our sustainable packaging initiative here.